Rule Book-2018/19


Each team roster will consist of a maximum of 45 players.

From this roster each team will designate a maximum of 15 skaters and a maximum of 3 goalies to be considered playing, with the balance to be considered on the bench/farm team.

Teams may play their 15 skaters at any position that they are eligible for. (See Positions, and Scoring)

Lineups may be modified up until the NHL game begins.

If a player is traded in the NHL to a team that has played fewer games than the team he was traded from, that player will not be eligible to "replay" the games that his new NHL team hasn't yet played. A player may only play, or be available, in a game once. It is the number of games a players NHL team has played that counts.


Players are assigned a minimum contract, based on the number of regular season games played in the C.D.H.L. (See chart on contracts page.)

Contracts will be updated at the begining of every season, based on their career number of games played. Games played during the current season will not be added until the next year.

In addition to games played, the first 3 players taken in the C.D.H.L. draft will receieve bonus games added to their totals.

Players contracts may be increased by the manager in order to meet minimum salary levels. Once increased the salary may not be decreased. Players with increased salaries will retain that salary level if they are released and picked up by another team. Players can not be bumped up for no reason.

Salary Cap

Teams will only be allowed to have a set maximum number of players at each salary level.

Salary levels must be met before the start of the season. Any players acquired during the season must not exceed salary limits.

Managers can increase players salaries to meet minimums at lower levels at any time during the season. Increases must be forced by salary cap issues.


Official positions are available here: POSITIONS. Players who are on CDHL teams will be allowed to retain any positions they may have played in the past, until they are released and become free agents.


Teams may play as many players as they want at each skating position but only the points scored by the top two players at each forward position, and the points scored by the top four players at defence will count.

Teams may play up to 3 goalies, but only the points scored by the top goalie will count.

Points are awarded as follows:

  1. Two points for a goal, one point for an assist and one point bonus for scoring three or more goals in one game, for all players.
  2. Two points for a win, two points for a shutout, two points for a goal and one point for an assist. Eg. a shutout win is worth 4 pts.
  3. Only the goalie given the win by the NHL will get the points if more than one goalie plays in a game. (If two goalies share a shutout, as per the NHL, neither is credited with a shutout.)

Points will be tabulated daily, from the NHL Official web site.

Free Agents

Any player who is eligible to be playing in the NHL and is not on a C.D.H.L. roster may be claimed as a Free Agent.

When a player is released by a CDHL team he becomes a Free Agent.

Free Agents may be claimed up to the CDHL trade deadline. After that, they may not be claimed until after the CDHL entry draft in September.

When a player is claimed, if the team is over the roster limit, a player must be released at the same time. The player being released must be included in the request. (If you put in a claim for more than one player, include the drops for all of them. If you do not get all of the players requested, you will get to choose who gets dropped from the players submitted.)

After the CDHL Draft, a team does not have to get to the 45 man limit until just before the regular season starts, however one or more players on the roster must be released immediately, to accommodate the free agent/agents being acquired.)

A free agent request is a binding contract. If you get the player or players there is no backing down. If you are over the 45 man limit, a player or players already on the roster must be released to accommodate the new player or players.

A claim put in before midnite will be processed the next day.

If there are two or more claims for the same player, the team lowest in the standings after that days games have been played will get the player. If teams are tied, the team that finished lowest in the standings the previous season will get the player.

Make Free Agent requests at this email. cdhlfreeagent@gmail.com


Teams can make trades from when they are eliminated from the playoffs until the CDHL trade deadline, which normally coincides with the NHL all-star game.

All trades are subject to league approval. This is to prevent one team from trying to assist another without trying to improve itself, or to prevent players being "loaned" to another team and then traded back, etc.

Any team can request a vote on any trade. A majority of eight teams must vote to cancel the trade, or suggest modifications to the trade. Remember, before you ask for a vote, that we are trying to stop dishonest trades, not bad ones.

To avoid questionable trades, consider offering your player(s) involved to other teams before finalizing a trade. This may establish market value for any player about to be traded.


The league is divided into two divisions. The top four teams in each division will make the playoffs. The first place team will play the fourth place team, and the second place team will play the third place team in each division. The winners of those two series will play for the Division Championship. The winners of each division will play for the C.D.H.L.Championship. All playoff series are best of seven.

Tie breakers for the end of season are as follows:

  1. Team with more wins.
  2. Team with best record against other team(s) that is is tied with.
  3. Team that scored the most points against the other team(s) that it is tied with.
  4. Team that scored the most points during the season.
  5. Coin toss or draw of cards

In the event of a tie game during the playoffs, tie breakers are as follows:

  1. Team that scored the most goals in the game.
  2. Team that had the better record during the regular season.


The draft is usually held in September, one or two weeks after the NHL exhibition season starts.

The draft is five rounds

The first round only, the four teams not making the playoffs, will draft ahead of the teams making the playoffs.

The second to fifth rounds, the last place team will draft first progressing on up to the first place team drafting last.

The tie breaker for end of season is the same as for the playoffs.

Only players who are eligible to play in the NHL are allowed to be drafted. No NHL undrafted 18 year olds. Players may only be drafted once. Any players who have been on a C.D.H.L. team and released may only be picked up as Free Agents.


All teams are expected to do their best to win as many games as possible. Any team found guilty of throwing games to assist another, or to gain a better draft position, may be expelled from the league.